The Guild Council

Officers of the Guild

The Warden: Rev Canon Jeremy Paisey.

The Chaplain General: Rev John Penman

Secretary General: Bro J Barry Nisbet.

Associate Secretary General: Sis Vicky Paterson.

Almoner: Bro Alan Hall.

Guardians of the Fraternities

Fraternity of St John (Argyll and the Isles): Bro W Brian Lintott

Fraternity of the Holy Angels (Edinburgh): Sis Sheena Liddell (Guild Master of Ceremonies)

Fraternity of St Mungo (Glasgow): Bro Richard Smith (Membership Secretary)

Fraternity of St Ninian (Perthshire and Angus): Bro J Barry Nisbet

Fraternity of St Vincent (Unattached Priories and Churches): Bro J Barry Nisbet

Elected Members

Trudy Hill

Harold Jack

Alan Jackson

Maureen Langford

Frank McLean

Matthew Pemble