The 90th Festival and Annual General Meeting

The 90th Annual Festival and Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday 8th September 2018 at

St Bride’s Church
69 Hyndland Road
G12 9UX

The Festival will commence with High Mass at 1pm

Celebrant – The Warden

This will be followed by refreshments and the A.G.M.

Included in the business of the A.G.M. will be the elections of:

  • Warden
  • Almoner


For those arriving early there will be Rosary at 12 noon.

Benediction will be given at 3:45pm.

Servers are asked to wear Cassocks and Cottas or Surplices; or Albs.

Clergy are asked to wear Cassocks, Cottas or Surplices and White Stoles.

All to be robed by 12.50pm


All members of the Scottish Guild of Servers, all other Servers, their friends and relations are invited to attend.

Server Training Session – 17 Nov

A training session, open to all members and prospective members of the Scottish Guild of Servers, is to be held on Saturday 17 November 2018 in St Michael and All Saints Church, Edinburgh from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm.

The programme will consist of a short talk on ‘The Ins and Outs of Serving’ followed by a choice of 2 of 4 workshops:

  • Serving Roles
  • The Services of the Church
  • Using a thurible
  • Setting Up for the Eucharist.

Tea and coffee will be provided on arrival and midway through the session and a sandwich lunch will be provided at the end.

The session is free of charge.

If you are interested in taking part, please complete the application form below and return to:

The Secretary General

Vicki Paterson, 16 Craigmount Drive, EDINBURGH EH12 8DB


Application Form

Download here: Server Training Application

Detailed Information on the Programme.

  • The Group Talk is for all participants and will consist of the following:
    • Vocation of a Server
    • Vestments, Sacred Vessels and their use
    • Explanation of Liturgical colours
    • Symbolism of Pall and Corporal
    • Meaning behind what we do during Mass
  • The 4 Workshops out of which participants will be asked to choose 2:
    • Serving Roles – MC, thurifer, acolyte, crucifer and boat bearer; serving moves and postures including processing, standing, bowing, kneeling, genuflecting, sitting as well as handing cruets and the lavabo.
    • Services of the Church – Eucharist, Morning and Evening Prayer, Compline and Evensong and Benediction
    • Using a Thurible – the use of charcoal and incense, the rhythm of swinging the censor and censing the congregation
    • Setting up for Mass – laying out chasuble, stole, maniple, girdle, alb and amice and preparing the chalice.